Last Wednesday, January the 29th, took place the TAGA Change Management Empresarial learning event.

Throughout the session with Joan Cos (partner at TAGA Change Management), we learnt “how to explain Change Management to my boss”, we learnt how to build the basic knowledge to Reduce Resistances and Inspire Action, we learnt the core Methodologies as action frameworks, we also met the map of “Who is Who” in the world of Change Management, and we got to know the Professional Itineraries that are opening as a professional opportunities in the Change Management arena.

Furthermore, we discovered ROI’s secrets in a Change Management project with the expert Glòria Segura (TAGA collaborator) and we gained insights from the experience of those “who have already done it” (and successfully) at Dialogues with Oscar Vitales from FALCK and Jaume Arqués from Catering ARCASA, S.L, conducted by the experimented and expert Esther Casademont from HUNIVERS PEOPLE HUB.

Finally, we learnt on Agile Leadership with the inspiring Xavier Tarré (partner at Taga Change Management) who make us discover how much indispensable is a Virtuous Leadership: do things WELL or just do not do them, and be NICE PERSONS (thank you, Jaume, to bolster with clarity this powerful idea).

All this would not have been possible without the support of Fundació Factor Humà in the communication field and the excellent frame of the Barcelona School of Management (UPF) and its excellent staff.

Thanks to them all, and a special thanks to you, to all those that have devoted your time and resources for sharing this intense and profitable morning.

Looking forward see you again!