Organizational energy, 7 Pillars of Business Excellence (2ª edición)

This book corresponds to the original text in Spanish ENERGÍA ORGANIZACIONAL, 7 PILARES DE EXCELENCIA EMPRESARIAL (Editorial Profit, 2012). In the second edition (2014) the authors have revised the text exhaustively and have incorporated testimonials as references of the Anglo-Saxon business world.


Through this publication, the founders of Pinea3 Living Organizations , Enric Bernal, Joan Cos and Xavier Tarré, have updated concepts and made their innovative methodology, based on systematic intelligence and which includes the company as a living organism with its own energy, more accessible.

The heart of Matrioska

THE HEART OF MATRIOSKA is a short story about the three fundamental dimensions of the human being: the mental dimension, the physical and emotional dimension and the spiritual or transcendental dimension.


Tarré recounts his vision of success and failure through a fantasy tale and highlights the importance of considering and developing each of the three dimensions whenever implementing any project.

Salud Organizacional para un modelo de ayuntamiento humanista

In the chapter entitled “SALUD ORGANIZACIONAL PARA UN MODELO DE AYUNTAMIENTO HUMANISTA” in “Las políticas y los servicios de proximidad en el ámbito local: una oportunidad para la innovación social, la actividad económica y la gobernanza” (Fundación Kaleidos, a local government network, 2015), Xavier Tarré and Joan Cos, together with their co-authors, describe how the Organizational Energy ® methodology was developed and applied in the Sant Boi de Llobregat Council (Barcelona), as well as what the final results and conclusions were.


In the case of the Sant Boi de Llobregat Council, the process uncovered the council’s needs and the different areas that constituted the council, helped with talent scouting, assisted in the improvement of a definition and execution of local development programmes and the attainment of a follow-up process in each area.

Organizational Energy

Xavier Tarré and Joan Cos co-authored ORGANIZATIONAL ENERGY, 7 PILLARS OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE (Editorial Profit, 2012) . In this book the co-founders of Pinea3 Living Organizations introduce a successfully tested change methodology that uncovers behavioural competencies of organizations.


Following decades of work on organizational development and , from a systematic and humanistic perspective, the authors describe how to improve the health and productivity of public and private companies.

¿Do you work or collaborate?

Xavier Tarré and Joan Cos are the authors of ¿Do you work or collaborate? Team Beat- the efficiency of cooperation (Editorial Profit 2011), a Centre for Innovation, EADA (Barcelona) initiative.


The book is based on the assumption that all teams are a living system. It gives us the necessary resources to manage the power of its diversity, to strengthen trust among its members, to define a balanced decision making process, to develop capacity for innovation and further education, or to manage its intrinsic energy.