“We have discovered a richness in each one of us that we never knew existed”

Artur Arqués, General Manager of Cátering Arcasa (Barcelona)


Having completed the SYSTEMATIC AND HUMANISTIC BUSINESS EXCELLENCE Programme with his entire management team, he states:  “Working with TAGA has enabled us to uncover the potential in each one of us that we were not aware existed and which has helped us understand how to exponentially increase our potential when our personal and professional objectives are aligned. It’s like moving from black and white to colour.  Xavier Tarré and TAGA have uncovered an extraordinary range of possibilities for us and have helped us obtain the strength to achieve them. The latter implies a deep and comprehensive self-awareness in leadership, a more Creative Leadership, useful in all aspects of life”.

“True communication enables us to be conscious, coherent and cooperative”

Ana Ribalta, corporate banking manager at Banca Corporativa de Banc Sabadell (Barcelona)


“The most important change we have perceived through the TAGA Creative led process has been the quantitative and qualitative improvement  in communication among my team members. Prior to this process we felt that although everyone contributed as best they could, we were not so focused as each member worked in an isolated manner and the team’s strengths were not balanced. Now, on the contrary, we understand where everyone stands and what weight they carry so that we are able to collaborate and move forward in the same direction in a more balanced and efficient manner”.

“I am happier and my business is more successful”

Albert Ventura, General manager IMC Toys (Barcelona):


“We can use our organization and human resources’ energy well or not but we have learnt that to use it well adds value and improves results. It is the only way we are inspired on a daily basis and it feeds our staffs’ creativity. The best thing however has been the introduction of the TAGA CREATIVA methodology to our day-to-day business”.

“Creative leadership is a way of obtaining excellent personal and professional results”

Gustavo Villa, General manager CNV Construcciones S.A. (Medellín)


“In our current business environment, saturated by indicators, productivity and results, it is profoundly enriching to move closer to more systemic and humanistic approaches of behavior for our organizations and the benefit of all. Together with Xavier Tarré and TAGA we have learnt the true meaning of a living organization  and have enjoyed the process. Most of all, we have discovered a more creative and conscious leadership which derives from within, enabling the achievement of excellent results both from a personal and business perspective”.

“We have learnt to take advantage of the potential talent in our organization”

Josefina Agudelo, President TCC (Medellín, Colombia):


“In our leap from transport to logistics we needed a change not only from a technical perspective but mostly from a human one. TAGA CREATIVA’s proposal was the key element for our organizational change process. We realized that to manage and strengthen our teams’  collective intelligence we needed to manage the energy of each member of the organization. We became aware of the value of this methodology each time we benefited from it. That is why I would recommend it to all entrepreneurs that find no margin of manoeuvre in traditional management models.”

“We now know how to give the best of ourselves”

Nicolás Londoño, President Bienes y Bienes (Medellín)


“The Systematic and Humanistic Organizational Development Programme has proved of great value for us because it has enabled us to deeply examine ourselves and to reflect on the role that each one of us has within the organization. We have learnt to carry out a self-assessment of the health of our company and have objectively analysed its origins to clearly define its mission and vision. We therefore developed a clear and exhaustive plan based on a common DNA and those who did not share our views left the organization voluntarily. We have learnt to say what we were not able to say before or what was best left unsaid. We have learnt to take the best from each one individually and from the organization as a whole”.


To enhance our commitment to quality and knowledge development we have established alliances and collaborate with different universities and institutions internationally.