Team Development

Oscar is a facilitator of organizational development and an expert in supporting the achievement of strategic objectives, both with individuals and teams.

He has over 20 years’ experience in different areas and with organizations of different sizes, having both internal and external experience (auditing and consulting), which endows him with an analytical capacity and the ability to detect the need for improvements or offer alternative solutions. (GE, PwC, Coty-Lancaster, Laubat, Cirsa-Conei, Team EQ).

He has collaborated with Pinea3 Living Organizations since its inception and is currently CFO & Team Success Manager at Team EQ, Project manager at TAGA Creativa and trainer in communication and relationship management.

He has extensive training both in Management (BSBA and Financial Management  EUNCET and PDD at IESE) and management and relationship capacity development (Master’s in PNL Coaching, Master’s in structural coaching and other methodologies that aim to enhance people and teams’ potential).  Oscar has developed the Catalyzing ® method that supports process improvement.

He is married with 5 children. He is also the President of the Parent’s Association at his childrens’ school.

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